Kururin Squash! is a action-puzzle game developed by Eighting and published by Nintendo, released in 2004 for the Nintendo GameCube in Japan only.


Kururin Squash brings back the same gameplay from it's predecessors, now featuring 3D rendered graphics. The only major gameplay addition is the presence of collectible coins in the stages, which the player must collect to get a perfect rating on the stage and are also used to buy items. The player begins the game with the standard Helirin, but can obtain a variety of new ships throughout the game, all of which have their own gameplay quirks. Boss levels now play like regular levels, where you must use these new ships.




HelirinIcon HelibokaanIcon HelibashanIcon
Helirin Helibokaan Helibashan
HelibobohIcon HeliburuunIcon
Heliboboh Heliburuun Helibibyuun


DaiCakeIcon JenniferIcon LindaIcon BelmontIcon
Dai Cake Jennifer Linda Belmont

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