Kururin Paradise is a action-puzzle game developed by Eighting and published by Nintendo, released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance in Japan only. A European release was scheduled but eventually cancelled.


Kururin Paradise plays much like it's predecessor, while adding a few new things. You are now able to speed up or slow down the Helirin's speed with the trigger buttons, and stages now have locked sections which you can access once you find their corresponding key.

New to this game are boss battles, which are found at the end of each area. These are simple minigames, with each of them featuring a different gameplay.


The always quiet Kururin Village. The magical Magic Team is coming to the Kururin Village, and all residents are looking forward to it.

On the great day, Kururin ended oversleeping, so his family tried to wake him up but left him behind and went to the venue earlier. Kururin hastily jumped out of bed and rushed to the performance hall... but the place was totally quiet.

Kururin reluctantly returned home, alone aswering to the voice mail, but even after the sunset his family didn't come back. Kururin became uneasy and went to consult with Teacher Hare, but Teacher Hare was also absent...

"This is not a mistake"

Following his intuition, Kururin jumped on his Helirin again.

"Once again, it's the beginning of a adventure"


KururinParadiseIcon KakarinParadiseIcon TeacherHareParadiseIcon SiblingsParadiseIcon TotorinIcon
Kururin Kakarin Teacher Hare Kururin's Siblings Totorin
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Kappado Tenko Naporon Baron Magic

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