Ghoul Panic, known in Japan as Oh! Bakyuun (オーバキューン) is a lightgun game developed by Raizing and published by Namco, originally released in 1999 for Arcades and later ported to the PlayStation. This game is a spiritual successor to Namco's own Point Blank series.


Ghoul Panic is a simple gallery shooter game, where you must shoot the given targets on the screen. Your main targets are ghosts, skeletons and other monsters, with most missions requiring that you shoot a specific number of enemies. Later missions introduce targets you must avoid shooting, such as the cats which you must protect and bomb-shaped monsters. The Arcade game is played with a lightgun, while the PlayStation port can be played with the regular joystick (in which case you control a reticule for targeting) or the Namco GunCon.

You can pick between three difficulty levels, with Practice being only 6 stages long, while on Medium and Advanced you play through all stages. The game features various mission types:

  • Target Shooting: The most common type of mission, you have to shoot a specific number of enemies before the timer runs out.
  • Object Destruction: You are given a single target which you much shoot continuously to either destroy it or push it into a designated place.
  • Cat Rescue: You must shoot enemies to prevent them from reaching the cats.
  • Accuracy Shooting: You must shoot a given target with limited ammo.
  • Boss Fight: After beating four missions you face a boss. These play much like the boss fights from the House of the Dead series, where you must hit a specific part of the boss while deflecting it's attacks.




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