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Brave Blade is a Shoot 'em Up game developed by Raizing and originally released in 2000 for the ZN1 Arcade platform. It is the last Eighting/Raizing shoot 'em up title, and it never received any console ports.


Brave Blade is a vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up, featuring a unique gameplay style compared to every other Raizing game. Each of the selectable ships have two distinct modes, each controlled by a separate button. While in Fighter Mode the ship controls like any other shmup ship, having both a frontal shot and sub-shot which are fired by pressing the first button. By pressing the second button the ship will change into Mecha Mode, which attacks with a melee weapon whenever the player presses the second button. Pressing the first button again reverts the ship back to Fighter Mode.

The player also have access to a meter on the bottom of the screen, which fills up over time and when destroying enemies. While in Mecha Mode, by holding down the second button the fighter will block incoming projectiles, which depletes from the meter and leaves the player vulnerable again once it fully depletes, forcing the player to wait for it to cool down and fill up again. Once the meter is full, the player can activate a Super Mode with the third button, which makes it invincible while depleting the meter.

The game features a medal scoring system, which also works differently from other Raizing games. Certain enemies will drop medals of low value which the player can slash while in Mecha Mode, causing it to spin and become larger, with larger medals being worth more points.


The Planet Elna, a star whose wonders are accentuated by floating giant rocks called secret ores.

The far northern country of Yuga suddenly declared war against the central kingdom of Grangard, which was a symbol of order in the Planet Elna. The north country brings up a massive amount of forbidden destructive weapons known as "Magic Swords" to the front lines. A mere month after the beginning of the war, the central government lost all major bases other than the capital.

In this desperate situation, the central government devises a last ditch strategy and bets everything on it. Using high-purity secret ore weapons known as "Dragon Knights", they launch a campaign to capture the capital of the northern country and destroy the Magic Sword weapons.

The fight for the fate of the world begins now.

Characters and Ships[]

RemHighlandIcon.png BelgiusBeowulfIcon.png RositaFlambergeIcon.png KeithKilsteinIcon.png KanaNIcon.png
Rosita em
Kana N
EgzergEmblem.png BalbaroiEmblem.png TiaRielEmblem.png GayBolkEmblem.png GPainEmblem.png
Egzerg Balbaroi Tia Riel Gay Bolk G Pain


Stage Name Boss
1 Frontline Base of the North Country Gunhead Golem
2 The Moon Tower Moon Sacrificer
3 The Great Channel Great Mouth Nightmare
4 The Industrial Zone Lord Brandisher
5 The Place of Concealment Earthborn
6 The Floating Island Flying Fortress "End Blue"
7 The Skies Above Yuga Void Summoner
The Artificial Seraph

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